Libyans and Egyptians exchange gunfire, stones at Salloum border crossing

Violent clashes broke out Monday afternoon between some 200 Egyptians and Libyans in the Qous region between the western and eastern gates at Salloum crossing, after a number of Libyans fired gunshots and threw rocks at the Egyptians. Salloum is the main border crossing point between Egypt and Libya.
The Egyptian armed forces intervened by imposing a security cordon in an attempt to break up the clashes. Work at the Salloum land port was also suspended. All Egyptians, Libyans and foreigners were prevented from entering or leaving the area, which is closed off temporarily until calm is restored and the clashes are resolved.
Meanwhile, eyewitnesses said violent clashes erupted between dozens of Egyptian residents of Salloum City and the Libyans for reasons unknown. Shots were fired into the air and stones were thrown, leading to the injury of a man driving in his car at the time of the clashes.
Matrouh Security Director Major General Hussein Fikri said police forces are not permitted in the region where the clashes broke out due to its military nature. He said that security situation was currently stable.
Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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