Libyans protest over delayed subsidized housing units

Dozens of Libyan citizens staged demonstrations on Sunday in the Libyan port city of Darnah to protest a delay in the delivery of subsidized housing units by the government, independent Libyan daily Oya reported on Sunday.

During the protest, which took place outside the Darnah Real Estate Bank, protesters demanded their rights, repeatedly changing “Our rights, our rights." 

Security forces, meanwhile, blocked the street leading to the bank in anticipation of possible rioting.

Over the past three days, hundreds of local residents have reportedly broken into vacant government-subsidized housing units in a number of cities throughout Libya.

According to previous statements made by the director of the Darnah Real Estate Bank, over 2000 housing units have been broken into since Thursday evening by residents who have waited for years for new homes. Several incidents of looting were also reported during the protests in Darnah.

Delivery of the housing units was reportedly postponed by local authorities, despite the fact that the owners had already signed contracts and paid most of the installments.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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