Mansoura Prosecution investigates torture and murder of young man

Mansoura Prosecution in Daqahlia governorate investigated on Wednesday the murder case of Al-Metwali Ibrahim, 19, after Ibrahim’s older brother Mohammed, 20, and a woman named Amena tortured him in the village of Telbana.

Mohammed and Amena published a video clip showing they chained Metwali’s hands and legs with restraints and hit him with a stick, asking him, “Tell us, where is the ring?”

Security sources said that police arrested 32 Telbana residents after they attacked the police and prevented the civil protection from extinguishing the fires in the two brothers’ home.

Prosecution ordered post-mortem examinations to explain the reasons behind Metwali’s death before Telbana residents set a funeral for him.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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