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Mastering makeup: Hair removal

Facial hair is a problem for many women. Although a nice beard and a good mustache can be attractive on a man, on a woman facial hair is almost universally considered unattractive. All the same, women of the Mediterranean region (and other regions) are blessed (or rather cursed) with a plentiful amount of hair. Covering or removing it can be a tough process and finding the proper system can be tricky and painful. Follow the below advice to efficiently tackle your facial hair problem areas.

Properly shaping eyebrows requires the help of a professional. Do not play with tweezers as the end result is likely to be disastrous. Have your eyebrow shaping session scheduled every 15 days. Try to stick to one stylist. Do not change your eyebrows' original shape, just remove extra hairs to give your eyes a cleaner look. Eyebrow powder may come in handy here, and the Body Shop eyebrow kit is the best on the market.

A moustache can be the cause of great insecurity and covering the hairs above your mouth with foundation is a bad idea. Threading is the best method to get rid of this particular type of unwanted hair. Schedule a threading session every 15 days (along with your eyebrows). If you tend to swell use bleach instead, but try the paste on the back of your hand first as an allergy test. If your moustache is thick and long, do not bleach. No one wants to walk around with a blonde moustache that shines in the daylight.

Permanent solutions
If you want the effect to be permanent, laser or IPL (intense pulsed light) could be the answer to your prayers. Four or five sessions of either will be enough to significantly decrease facial hair. Start your sessions now–winter is a good time for the laser. It is relatively expensive but worth it.

Extra stray hairs
As for the little hairs on your cheeks, learn to accept them as they can easily be covered with makeup. As for those obnoxious chin hairs (the Nanny McPhee look), invest in some tweezers and pluck them whenever they surface.

Rule of thumb: Find solace in the fact that in many cases, beauty means a little pain now and then!

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