MB refrains from joining quadripartite coalition

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition movement has decided against joining a quadripartite coalition including the Wafd, Tagammu, Nasserite and Gabha secular opposition parties, say leading MB members.

“We haven’t requested to join,” said MB Secretary-General Mahmoud Hussein. “But we support collective action aimed at democratic reform.”

According to Brotherhood spokesman Essam el-Erian, differences between the coalition’s current members on whether or not to invite the MB to join represented an “internal matter” that does not concern the group. “But we hope to see all political forces unite against the corruption of the ruling National Democratic Party,” he said.

Commenting on MB policy in the event that the group decided to join the coalition, brotherhood MP Mohamed el-Beltagi said: “We aim to achieve democracy and political reform and end corruption.”

MB Guidance Bureau member Osama Nasr, for his part, said the group saw its political work as a “religious obligation,” noting that the brotherhood was willing to work “with all political forces” in order to achieve its objectives.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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