Military trial of NASL leaders adjourned until 10 August

Military Court adjourned on Sunday first trial session of five leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood-led National Alliance to Support Legitimacy (NASL) until 10 August to notify the suspects’ lawyers.
Judicial source said each of Safwat Abdel Ghany, member of Jamaa al-Islamiya’s Shura Council, Alaa Abul Nasr, secretary general of the group’s Construction and Development Party and Taha al-Sherif, member of the party’s studies office involved in the lawsuit and belong to NASL. The suspects also include Ramadan Gomaa and Tareq Abdel Moneim, members of the party, who are accused of sneaking into Sudan via Egypt illegally.
The court, according to the source, allowed families of the suspects to visit them in prison.
Egyptian security authorities arrested on 13 July five supporters of the toppled President Mohamed Morsy, who belong to the Jamaa al-Islamiya and its party. They included three NASL leaders. All were arrested while trying to infiltrate via the southern borders, according to military.
Edited translation from Anadolu Agency

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