Minister hopes agreement with Ethiopia is possible

Reaching an agreement with Ethiopia is possible as talks are the best way to find a solution for the Renaissance Dam crisis, said Water Resources Minister Mohamed Abdel Muttalib during a phone-in with Mehwar Channel Wednesday evening.
Egypt believes the Renaissance Dam would negatively affect its share of the Nile River water, specified in an agreement signed under the British occupation. Ethiopia began construction on the dam in 2011. Both countries blame each other over the failure of negotiations over the project.
The Cabinet allocated US$4.5 million to purge Victoria Lake in cooperation with Uganda's government. It also inaugurated during its latest visit to Uganda 10 wells for drinking out of 75, he said. Uganda is one of the Nile Basin countries which signed the Entebbe agreement over the redistribution of Nile River water in 2010.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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