Morsy directs message to Egyptian people from jail

Toppled President Mohamed Morsy sent a message to the Egyptian people through his official Facebook page, in which he called on his supporters to continue the revolution and claimed that the world would not recognize the new regime.
Morsy described the recent presidential elections as farce and a coup.
"God destined our blessed revolution, the 25 January revolution, to face difficulties until its accomplished," the statement read. "Oh free revolutionaries, walk on the path of your white peaceful revolution as firm as mountains."
"Your revolution will triumph in the near future, I trust God. The overwhelming majority of people is behind you. They are waiting for you to prepare the revolutionary atmosphere for them so you can hear their thunderous roar, after the world heard their resounding silence in a farce where the coup leader has been inaugurated [as president]," added the statement.
Morsy also called on his supporters to unite and avoid devision.
"God knows I spared no effort to resist corruption and criminality using the law sometimes, and revolutionary measures many times. I did mistakes and did right, but never betrayed you and will not."
"I dedicated years of my life to confront their crimes, and will continue to do as long as I am alive," Morsy said.
"Oh Egypt's revolutionary youth…the revolution depends on your will and I am confident you will raise its flag and grant it glory," the statement read.
Morsy mentioned that the "world's free people will not recognize the coup criminal regime."
"And last but not least, I say to my leading people, keep your eyes on your revolution, and its lofty goals. The blood of martyrs, the groans of the wounded, and the sacrifices of the detainees will never go in vain as long as the revolution-wielding men are concerned with its principals, and continue to raise its banner," he said.
"I know the path is difficult, but I believe in you, in the justice of your cause, and in God's victory," he concluded.
While some commentators questioned the authenticity of the message, former investment minister, Yahia Hamed, a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated figure, said on his Facebook page that the message was indeed from Morsy, adding that he received it being the administrator of Morsy's Facebook page. He declined to explain how the detained former president managed to send out the message.
Morsy's son, Omar, said hours earlier his father was preparing a "surprise" for Egyptians.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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