Morsy discards complaints against journalists

President Mohamed Morsy has discarded complaints filed by the presidential legal affairs department against certain journalists, said presidential spokesperson Ihab Fahmy in brief statement.

The presidency did not provide further details on these complaints, which it said the department fielded.

Different lawyers, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm have sued many journalists since Morsy’s inauguration last year.

The most common accusation against those was insulting the president, and jeopardizing public security. Several journalists and TV hosts have been interrogated or stood trials over these accusations.

Opposition forces have been requesting the discarding of any such complaints, as well as requesting article 179 of the Constitution, which imprisons anyone that insults the president to a fine, be amended.

Journalists faced off with the Muslim Brotherhood in March when the group’s members attacked reporters covering a protest at the Guidance Bureau headquarters in Moqattam.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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