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Moussa: Situation in Syria unacceptable

Outgoing Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa on Monday described the situation in Syria as extremely dangerous, calling on Arab countries to forge a unified position on the developments.

Moussa told the press that Arab nations are concerned and angry about the situation, particularly as civilian casualties rise.

There are ongoing consultations between Arab countries to follow the unrest in Syria, Moussa said.

"It is entirely unacceptable to let things go on as they are now," he added.

He welcomed Foreign Minister Nabil al-Araby's suggestion to send an international envoy to assess the situation first hand. 

The Arab League has been criticized for its passive position regarding the ongoing violence in Syria.

Turkey has given sanctuary to more than 6,000 Syrians fleeing the country. Hundreds more are believed to have been killed by the Syrian regime.

Moussa also emphasized the need for a "unified Arab stance" regarding the situation in Libya.

Moussa said the Arab League will suggest a political solution for the Libyan crisis at the UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday. The Security Council is allocating the session to a comprehensive appraisal of the implementation of the resolution that ordered a no-fly zone over Libya.

Moussa added that the Arab vision is based on protecting the integrity of Libyan land and finding a political resolution. This will require a ceasefire, international monitoring and movement toward a transitional period, he said.