Moussa willing to open dialogue with Muslim Brotherhood

Presidential candidate Amr Moussa is willing to open a dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood group and its Freedom and Justice Party, he said, adding that he is against marginalizing any political group as Mubarak’s regime once did.

He also said he does not fear the Islamist parties in the political arena, as long as they operate under the principles of a civil state.

Denying claims by the Algerian Al-Khabar newspaper that he is willing to form a coalition with the Muslim Brotherhood, Moussa explained that dialogue with Islamist, liberal and leftist groups is necessary to building what he called the second republic.

The Al-Khabar newspaper also quoted Moussa as saying he is willing to review commercial agreements signed with Israel. He was speaking in reference to Egyptian gas exports.

“I want to serve my country with my extensive political experience,” he said, confirming his intention to run for president.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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