Muslim Brotherhood to announce final position on elections Wednesday

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition movement will announce its position regarding upcoming parliamentary elections on Wednesday, according to MB parliamentary bloc member Mohamed al-Beltagi.

“Boycotting elections is a passive act if it is not accompanied by a serious program to pressure the regime for political reform,” al-Baltagi said, noting that an effective boycott required collective action by all political forces rather than by individual groups.

“The regime will rig the elections in order to win by some 80 percent,” he added. “Then it will claim they were the most free and fair elections in Egypt's history.”

Al-Beltagi went on to criticize Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul-Gheit's recent decision to bar George Galloway, UK politician and pro-Palestine activist, from entering the country.

“How can a convoy of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people constitute a threat to Egypt’s borders?” he asked.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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