Muslim Brotherhood leader urges removal of remaining regime figures

A Muslim Brotherhood leader on Saturday called for the departure of officials with ties to former President Hosni Mubarak's regime.

At the first general conference for the Brotherhood in the Upper Egyptian city of Qena, Sobhi Saleh, a leader from the group, said figures from Mubarak's regime remain in vital leadership positions in Egypt.

"There are 53,000 local council members and 29 governors appointed by the ousted regime," he said, adding that there are many other leaders at universities, banks and in the media.

Saleh said psychological rehabilitation of senior officers from the dissolved State Security Investigative Services is not possible.

"They have to be replaced and brought to trial," he said.

Egyptian authorities have banned the Muslim Brotherhood since 1954. However, the Brotherhood maintains popularity among Egyptians and participates actively in elections for local councils and professional syndicates.

Earlier this month, presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei said prominent figures from the ousted regime continue to run all state institutions, thereby creating a feeling of fear among Egyptians.

In an interview with Al-Masry Al-Youm, ElBaradei said, “The toppled regime’s figures are still managing all institutions as though nothing has happened… This is what is scaring the people."

"A revolution means new faces, a new regime and a new Egypt," he said.

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