Muslim Brotherhood: ‘We’ll accept referendum outcome’

The Muslim Brotherhood will accept the result of Egypt's referendum on constitutional amendments, said the group's Supreme Guide Mohamad Badie.

After casting his vote, Badie told reporters that "the result represents the will of the Egyptian people who are the source of legitimacy".
One voter who was present interjected, charging that members of the Muslim Brotherhood were standing in front of polling stations since the early morning, holding banners that read: "Yes to constitutional amendments."
"No one can force the free people of Egypt to do anything, no one can fool them," Badie responded. "I'm standing in the middle of this station and there is not a single Brotherhood banner here."
When asked whether the Brotherhood pressured its members to vote in favor of the amendments, Badie said the group encouraged its members to vote without instructing them take a particular side.
He added that no one can predict the result of the referendum, unlike elections under former regime where the result was always known in advance. "Egypt is now regaining its prestige among Arab countries" he said Badie, stressing that the Brotherhood want a civil state, based on Islamic principles.

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