Nasserists slam Brotherhood for ignoring 1952 revolution celebrations

Political figures and Nasserist forces gathered at the tomb of late President Gamal Abdel Nasser on Monday to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 23 July revolution.

Attendees sang songs from the revolution and chanted slogans against the Muslim Brotherhood and its Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie.

Political figures should join hands in opposition against Islamic political forces, urged Lawyers Syndicate head Sameh Ashour. He added that the Muslim Brotherhood’s disregard for the 1952 revolution does not make it any less important, claiming that the 23 July revolution and the 25 January revolution shared the same goals of social justice and freedom.

Former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi lauded both Nasser and the Egyptian people for their revolutionary spirit, but refused to comment on Morsy's speech made on Sunday in which the president questioned the actual achievements of the 1952 revolution. Sabbahi added that no one will stop the country from celebrating this anniversary.

Nasser will remain in the hearts of millions of Egyptian’s, claimed the late president’s son, Abdel Hakim Abdel Nasser. He urged the youth of today to continue in Nasser’s path.

"The rights that the poor obtained thanks to the July revolution made one of them a president today.  What the revolution left in people's minds is bigger than any celebration, so we do not care if the president celebrates it or not. The best celebration would be to continue supporting the Egyptian revolution," said former Sharqiya governor and Nasserist activist Azzazy Ali Azzazy.

On the other hand, Nasser's grandson, Gamal Abdel Hakim, criticized what he called Morsy's disrespect for the leaders of the 1952 revolution, saying that Morsy would not be in his position today without them. He added that Egypt is now in desperate need of a leader like Nasser.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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