Egypt Independent

NDP to announce election platform

Sources from the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) have reported that the party will hold its annual one-day conference to announce its election platform before the upcoming parliamentary elections slated for the end of this year.

The NDP plans to unveil its program for the upcoming elections without presenting papers or discussing policies as it has done in meetings over the past years. The program will highlight the NDP’s achievements at the level of local constituencies and outline a plan of action for the next five years.

Sources say that the party’s general secretariat office–which includes of Shura Council spokesman Safwat el-Sharif, Chief of Presidential Staff Zakariya Azmi, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Mofid Shehab, Policies Secretariat head Gamal Mubarak, NDP Media Secretary Ali Eddin Helal, and Steel magnate and NDP member Ahmed Ezz–decided in its last meeting that party members should not hold any meetings with People’s Assembly candidates in order to avoid rumors that the party is recommending candidates for parliament.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.