New measures to secure Sinai upset residents

Residents of Sinai Peninsula expressed outrage at the new system imposed to control the flow of people to the region, known as "the security card.”
With the beginning of the New Year, security forces at Ahmed Hamdi tunnel started enforcing new procedures and banned several travelers from entering South Sinai, except those who have bookings with hotels and resorts, also demanding that tourism workers to get a "security card" proving their non-criminal status.
Residents of the peninsula told Al-Masry Al-Youm that these procedures are illogical as they are not living in a different country that requires a visa system.
The head of the Lawyers Syndicate in South Sinai governorate said that this system is unconstitutional and violates the law, as the constitutions stipulates freedom of movement for citizens inside Egypt. 
He pointed out that in such a case, the relatives of residents of South Sinai wouldn’t be able to visit them.
Haitham Basha said that the decision with the new procedures became the main concern for people in the governorate; it has upset them and made them feel as if they are living in another country.
Ahmed Ghobashi, who heads a civil coaliation to support tourism in Sharm el-Sheikh, said that this decision would affect the domestic tourism upon which the city is currently dependent to a large extent.
However, other residents expressed support for the new procedures. Abdel Wahed Abdel Zaher said that it would tighten security in Sinai and block the infiltration of criminals.

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