New poll puts president approval rating at 78 percent

A public opinion poll released Wednesday gives President Mohamed Morsy a 78 percent approval rating during his first 100 days in office, much higher than some others conducted recently.

According to the poll conducted by independent think tank The Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research (Baseera), 41 percent said the president had solved security, traffic, fuel, garbage and bread production problems. Nearly the same number (40 percent) said he has failed to resolve those issues, with the remaining respondents undecided.  

Other polls and websites have showed varying approval levels; a poll conducted by the Morsimeter web site reported 58 percent of respondents were dissatisfied with the president. The independent site set up to monitor the Morsy's job performance says he has completed only four of the 64 goals he laid out.

The Baseera poll was conducted 3 October through telephone interviews with 1,783 participants, with a margin of error of 3 percent, think tank director Maged Othman said in a statement. He added that the approval rates have hovered around the same level in the center's past four polls.

The only remarkable change was in the percentage of those who said they “strongly” approve of the president’s performance, which fell from 39 percent to 29 percent over the past 20 days.

The biggest gain Morsy made was on security issues, with 73 percent expressing satisfaction, while 25 percent said they did not sense any improvement and 11 percent said the situation had deteriorated.

Meanwhile, 57 percent said traffic has become better, according to the poll.

Respondents were split 48 percent on each side of whether garbage services have improved. Concerning bread production, 42 percent said they sensed progress, compared to 35 percent who believe there has been no change and another 11 percent who believe the problem has worsened.

As for the fuel shortage, 33 percent said that Morsy has addressed the crisis, with 34 percent seeing no improvement and 27 percent saying the crisis has worsened.

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