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Novelist Khairy Shalaby dies at age 73

Egyptian novelist and author Khairy Shalaby passed away early Friday at the age of 73.

Shalaby, who penned more than 70 books including novels, plays, story collections and critiques, will be buried in his hometown, Kafr al-Sheikh.

His most famous novels include “Al-Watad” (The Anchor), “Faraan min al-Sabbar” (Two Cactus Branches), “Batn al-Baqara”, and “Nenaa al-Ganayen” (Garden Mint).

His story collections include, “Saheb al-Saada al-Less” (His Excellency, the Thief), “Al-Monhana al-Khatar” (The Dangerous Turn), “Ashyaa Takhossona” (Things that Belong to US) and “Qoddas Sheikh Radwan” (Sheikh Radwan’s Holy Mass).

Some of his works such as "Al-Watad" were transformed into movies or TV dramas.

Shalaby received several prizes, including the State Award of Encouragement in Arts in 1980-81, the award for the best Arab novel for “Wekalet Attiya” (The Lodging House) in 1993, the American University’s Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature in 2003 and the State Prize for Literature in 2005. He also received a Canadian nomination for the Nobel Prize in literature.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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