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Official: Halayeb region is 100 percent Sudanese

Sudanese State Minister Al-Rachid Haroun said there is dialogue and understanding between Cairo and Khartoum regarding the Halayeb border area between the two countries.
The area is 100 percent Sudanese,” the minister claimed.
Khartoum-based newspaper Akhir Lahza quoted Haroun's remarks about a proposal to make the Halayeb an integrated area between the two countries during a political forum organized by the General Union of Sudanese Students on Monday.
Since the 1950s, following the independence of Sudan, both countries have laid claim to the 20,500 square kilometer region south of the Red Sea. Claims to the region have came to the spotlight occasionally. The region has practically been under Egypt's control,” Haroun said.
The Sudanese Minister of State added that in the event of a dispute between the two countries on Halayeb, Sudan will look to the international community to resolve the matter.
Edited translation from MENA