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One missing, 18 rescued in Anatolia cargo ship accident

A Bolivian cargo crashed Friday while carrying a load of cement to Egypt from the Turkish port in Anatolia.

The 108-meter by 17-meter vessel collided with rocks in the Anatolia port, destroying its stern, according to Turkish coast guard sources. Rescue forces saved 18 members of the crew, including 16 Egyptians and two Syrians, who were taken to the hospital. One Egyptian remains missing.

The captain lost control of the ship after 100km-per-hour winds struck the port, stirring up giant waves. The ship lost most of its cargo in the crash, with 70% of its 5,000 ton load of cement sinking after the collision.

Port officials in Anatolia said the ship's captain, 57-year-old Galal Ahmed Mohamed Gad, stayed on the ship after sending a distress signal, but was eventually rescued.

Rescue teams and firefighters arrived quickly after receiving Gad's signal. Search and rescue operations continue to locate the missing Egyptian crew member, 47-year-old Abdallah Mohamed Hussein. 

Rescue teams tried attempted to help retrieve the ship's crew using a helicopter, but were forced to resort to other methods because of the wind.