Egypt Independent

Original owners try to violently reclaim NDP building in Assiut

A throng of armed men stormed the headquarters of the defunct National Democratic Party building in downtown Assiut and occupied the building, which is is worth LE50 million and was rented by the party for 40 years for LE200 a month.

Head of Assiut Security, General Mohamed Ibrahim, received a report from Assiut Governor Sayyed al-Borai that the building is now occupied.

Borai’s report indicated that it has been decided to transfer the building’s property and contents to the governorate. Immediately the building was cordoned off by security trying to force the armed men out of the building.

The gunmen say they own the building and that they rented a number of thugs to storm the building after failing to secure it through legal means.

Borai decided to form a committee to study the rental and ownership documents.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm