Parliamentary speaker threatens legal action against shadow parliament members

Parliamentary speaker Fathi Sorour on Monday threatened to file lawsuits against opposition "shadow" parliament members.
The parallel parliament is not a legitimate council as its members were not elected, Sorour told journalists during the ruling National Democratic Party’s seventh annual conference.
Sorour described calls to nullify the current parliament as “political jests,” adding that lawsuits can be filed against one member specifically but not the entire body.
According to Article 86 of the penal code, shadow parliament members can be considered a threat to the public order, Sorour said earlier this month.
On 13 December around 118 former MPs defeated in the recent parliamentary elections announced the formation of a shadow parliament and government, saying they planned to conduct new elections. The former MPs urged President Hosni Mubarak to dissolve the newly-elected parliament and sponsor new elections with assurances of transparency.

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