Photos: Reham Saeed sparks anger over torturing animals on TV show

Egyptian TV host Reham Saeed stirred anger and harsh criticism on social media sites on Wednesday, as many accused her of torturing animals on her TV show Sabaya al-Khair, presented on al-Nahar channel.

During the episode, she embarks on a trip to hunt wolves and foxes. Saeed appears observing how wolves and foxes hunted and tied together to prevent any escape.

The footage caused a wave of anger against the presenter on social media platforms.

Among the comments on the episode:

“I hope we see God punishing you in this world before the Hereafter…She took a fox and broke its leg until it cried! She has no content to provide so she decided to torture a soul.”

Another said: “What’s the aim of this content?”, while others launched a hashtag calling for the program to be suspended.

Among the comments was also: “They went to the desert to hunt [animals] in their environment, and she is telling people it’s an easy job…The scene of the fox, and the sound of its moan is really heartbreaking.”

Saeed says at the beginning of her program, “The first fear I felt in my life was at my grandfather’s house because he was hunting eagles and ducks and he had many hunting rifles.”

She continues, saying that her son loves animals and reptiles, explaining that she grew up in a house that had snakes, crocodiles, hedgehogs and squirrels, which made her wonder where they came from, so she decided to go out on this trip to shed light on the hunters whose lives no one knows about, although they risk their lives to go out on such trips.

She points out that this trip is frightening and dangerous, and it took her a long time to convince her team to take part in it. 

Saeed wanted to bring to light, for the first time on Arab TV, an unedited hunting trip.

Saeed worked with the al-Nahar channel from 2012 to 2018, during which she presented through her program many charitable campaigns, bringing her fame and success. 

The controversial host went into retirement after she came under fire for making insulting remarks against obese people in 2018.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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