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Photos: Transport Ministry tests BRT shuttle bus on the Ring Road

The Egyptian Transport Ministry has started testing the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) bus on the Ring Road to compare the height of station platforms with the height of the bus which is scheduled to be operated soon, as an alternative for the microbus.

The bus will pass in the middle of the Ring Road. A traffic lane has been allocated for it in each direction, and it will remain separate from the car traffic during the start of the operation.

The ministry is preparing to operate the BRT electric bus system for the first time in Egypt, operated on the Ring Road at a length of 110 km.

The bus is manufactured locally, as part of the state’s plans to localize the industry. It will run on electric energy.

The plan to operate the new BRT bus comes after developing the Ring Road so that it operates on seven lanes each direction instead of four.

A traffic lane in each direction has been allocated for the BRT bus, in the middle of the road and isolated from the path of other cars.

This gives the BRT system the advantage of speed and determines the time of arrival to the stations scattered on the Ring Road, which are currently being implemented.

The ministry’s plans to develop the Ring Road also include preventing microbuses from stopping there, with the construction of a service road on both sides below the Ring Road with a width of 10 meters in each direction, alongside the operation of the BRT bus system.

The plans also include encouraging citizens to reduce the use of private cars by establishing parking spaces for private cars under each BRT station, targeting the use of environmentally friendly means of passenger transport represented by the BRT system.

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