Police arrest two activists from Nasr City checkpoint

A statement issued by the Youth for Freedom and Justice Movement on Thursday said a policeman at a checkpoint in Nasr City arrested one of its members, along with a member of the Popular Current's executive board, early in the morning. 

The statement said that Popular Current member Khaled al-Sayyed and youth activist Mina Coseman had an argument with police after one of the policemen insisted on taking Sayyed into the police station for no clear reason. The statement added that the police fabricated charges against the two activists, accusing them of assaulting the policemen. The two activists are currently detained at the Nasr City Public Prosecution.

The Popular Current condemned the alleged attack and called on its members to gather in front of the Nasr City Public Prosecution to push for Sayyed's release.

Also on Thursday, the National Association for Change said policemen from Qena attacked Ali Toqadom al-Khateeb, a member of the group's general secretariat and the presidential committee tasked with investigating the killing of protesters during the revolution.

In a statement, the NAC said two policemen boarded the bus Khateeb was taking from Cairo to Qena and arrested him.

The statement condemned the arrest and described it as a “barbaric incident” that shows that the behavior of the police has not changed despite the Interior Ministry’s claims to the contrary. The NAC said it retains the right to sue the officers in question.

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