Police refuse to secure Muslim Brotherhood headquarters

Central Security forces and police tasked with maintaining security around the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Cairo district of Moqattam withdrew from their positions, privately-run satellite channel ONtv reported.

The central security and police members joined their fellow strikers and protestors inside the Moqattam police station.

Al-Masry Al-Youm quoted members of the police who were deployed to secure the Brotherhood headquarters as saying that they do not work for the benefit of a certain political faction. They added that as the head office of a preaching group not a political party, it is not entitled to police security.

A number of governorates are currently seeing a wave of strikes by the Central Security Forces and police, as personnel of different ranks in the sectors of Central Security, Criminal Investigation and Public Security continued their sit-in and abstaining from work.

These moves come after strikes in mid-February that petered out. After a number of police personnel were killed or injured during clashes in several Egyptian governorates, police have started reiterating their demands with renewed vigor.

Their demands include the dismissal of Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim, raising and renewing the level of armaments, and insulating the Interior Ministry from internal political conflicts.

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