Poll: 40% do not know interim president, 70% do not know PM

The Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research "Baseera" has conducted a poll that shows that 40% of Egyptians do not know the name of the interim president, Adly Mansour, while 70% do not know the name of the Prime Minister, Hazem al-Bablawy. 
51 percent of Egyptians know the name of the transitional president and mentioned his name correctly, 5 percent did not know his name but knew that he had served as head of the Constitutional Court, and 44 percent mentioned a wrong name or said they did not know him.
Maged Othman, director of the center, said the poll was conducted Saturday and Sunday by questioning 2,214 citizens hailing from all governorates and aged 18 years and over, calling them on their home phones or cell phones.
35 percent of respondents in urban areas did not know Adly's name.  In Lower Egypt, 42 percent knew the name compared to 52 percent in Upper Egypt.
56 percent of male respondents knew the interim president's name compared to 31 percent of females. Education had a clear impact as 61 percent of those who had obtained a university degree knew his name, compared to 11 percent of those with a lesser degree. 
As for Prime Minister Hazem al-Beblawy's name, about 70 percent did not know it. 75 percent of people in rural areas did not know his name, compared to 57 percent in urban areas, 54 percent in urban governorates, 67 percent in governorates in lower Egypt, and 74 percent in governorates in upper Egypt.
60 percent said they did not know whether Beblawy was a good choice, 25 percent said he would make a good prime minister, 6 percent said he was not a good choice, and 10 percent said he was an average selection.
As for Mohamed ElBaradei's appointment as vice president, 27 percent said he was a good choice, 15 percent said average, 30 percent said bad, and 28 percent said they did not know. 41 percent of those who had a university degree said ElBaradei was a good selection, compared to 24 percent among those who had lesser degrees.

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