Popular hashtag complains of low internet quality to president

A number of twitter users have launched a hashtag urging Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to intervene for the improvement of internet service quality and prices.
Activists have been on a campaign pressing authorities to amend internet prices which, they say, are very high compared to other neighboring countries with better service quality.
Previous campaigns led by the Facebook page Internet Revolution Egypt prompted the Communication and Information Technology Ministry to declare new, lower prices and packages for internet services but has balked on the enforcement of the new pricing plans over the past months.
Consequently, “the_Internet,_President_Sisi” is an Arabic hashtag that is garnering a large number of followers.

"High prices, bad service, delusionary offers and unqualified customer service. The Internet is the world’s language..we must move forward,” wrote ‏@Ma7md_Magdy.

“Our demands are not impossible to achieve: unlimited internet, prices affordable to Egyptians and professional technical support,” tweeted an account affiliated with the Internet Revolution campaign, @net_Rev_Egypt.

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