Prominent media figure resigns from state TV talk show

TV host Mahmoud Saad submitted his resignation Wednesday after he was prevented from airing his talk show, "Masr al-Naharda," or Egypt Today, on Egyptian state-run TV.

The show also went off-air during the 2010 parliamentary elections and for two weeks in 2008 after Saad criticized an official during his show.

Observers attributed Saad’s absence in 2008 to authority's anger over his sarcastic reading of a statement issued by the Ministry of Interior Affairs warning citizens against protesting.

Tens of thousands of residents of al-Mahalla al-Kobra, home to textile manufacturing in Egypt, staged a sit-in against price increases and low wages on 6 April 2008.

Renewed calls for economic and political reform over the past two days have drawn mass rallies nationwide.

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