Real Estate Tax Syndicate Chairman: We protest to defend 7 million families

Real Estate Tax Syndicate Chairman Tarek Koeib said in an interview with Al-Masry Al-Youm recently that the families of real estate tax officers will participate in a vigil called for by the syndicate on Monday to protest against the Civil Service Law, in coordination with the Independent Public Taxes Syndicate and other parties rejecting the law.
He said the vigil was organized over a month ago to take place in Cairo and other governorates and denied accusations that the protesters belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Q: Did you get a permit to hold the vigil?
A: We have applied for it, but did not get a response. According to the law, the authorities should notify us within 15 days if they reject the application. We will go to a court of urgent matters to get approval.
Q: How did you prepare for the vigil?
A: We decided more than a month ago that 400 branches in Cairo and other governorates would stage peaceful protests against the Civil Service Law, which the staff members and their families agreed to. And we will make sure the protest is not infiltrated. 
Q: What are your demands?
A: To abolish the law and dismiss the finance and planning ministers.
Q: Are other parties joining you?
A: The Independent Public Taxes Syndicate that staged a vigil in front of the Journalists' Syndicate for the same purpose. Now that the deadline for the government to rescind the law has passed, this coming vigil is an escalation that would be followed by other steps if the demands are not met.
Q: What other steps?
A: All options are open, including a strike. We will reveal our next steps during the vigil.
Q: Were you pressured by the Finance Ministry or the Interior Ministry to cancel the vigil?
A: The Finance Minister promised promotions if the vigil is canceled. As to the leaders of the Interior Ministry, they did not pressure us. They only asked about certain details, such as the time and place of the vigil.
Q: Some claim the Muslim Brotherhood is behind your protests. Is this true?
A: Not at all. We are defending seven million families. We have no political demands. The security services know that. Also, we raised Sisi’s picture in the last vigil. 
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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