Residents close Giza Governorate headquarters to protest water shortage

Dozens of Saft al-Laban, Boulaq, residents closed the Giza Governorate headquarters Saturday with metal chains, saying they would sit-in because water has been cut off in their neighborhood for three weeks.

They demanded the dismissal of both Giza Governor Ali Abdel Rahman and the head of Giza's drinking and sanitation company, Major General Amr Wahsh.
Light clashes took place between the protesters and workers trying leave the building.
Major General Mohamed al-Sheikh, Giza Governorate general secretary, and Nour Party leader Medhat Ammar tried negotiating with the protesters and promised to deliver water twice daily to the neighborhood, between 9 pm and midnight, and between 4 and 9 am. 
The protesters refused to disperse, however, saying they would not end the sit-in until water is delivered to their homes.
They decided to have iftar, the meal that breaks the Ramadan fast, outside the headquarters.

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