Salafi leader opposes formation of Shia party in Egypt

Salafi leader Gamal al-Marakby has rebuked members of the Shia community in Egypt for intending to form a political party, declaring that Salafis will oppose the move.

“We will fight them,” he said. “They should not be allowed such a thing.”

Marakby revealed that the Shias also intend to publish a newspaper, which he claims will be financed by Iran.

“The Shia have bizarre beliefs that contradict Islam and the Sunni faith,” he added.

Shia leader Mohamed al-Dariny, for his part, criticized the Salafis. “They terrorize all who are against them and want to pull us into backwardness,” he said. “We are Egyptian citizens, and we have the right to form a party for ourselves.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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