Egypt Independent

Salafi party deems Tahrir protesters thugs and NDP members

The Salafi Nour Party’s spokesman Youssry Hamad on Tuesday described the Tahrir Square protesters as thugs, remnants of the dissolved National Democratic Party (NDP) and members of suspicious organizations.

Hamad called for a million-strong protest outside the northern military district headquarters in Alexandria to denounce the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces’ (SCAF) announcement on Tuesday that it plans to form a committee to establish core constitutional principles ahead of parliamentary elections.

The Nour Party said it considered these plans to be a way around the results of the referendum on constitutional amendments, held in March, in which the majority of Egyptians voted “yes” on the proposed amendments.

“By demanding the constitution first, a group of people have gone against the tide, accusing the Egyptian people of political infantilism,” Hamad said during a public conference in Alexandria on Monday.

“Now they are calling for supra-constitutional principles and they have paid people to stay in Tahrir,” he said. “The proof lies in the fact that the US and EU have confessed to funding organizations and phony coalitions in Egypt with millions of dollars on the pretext of [supporting] human rights.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition