Salafi party threatens to mobilize protests if constitution violates Sharia

The Salafi-oriented Asala Party has threatened to mobilize Islamists to protest if the new constitution violates Sharia law.

The party insists the new constitution state that Sharia is the sole source of legislation, not merely “principles” of Sharia as the “main” source.

The party held a closed meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party Sunday to agree on the public figures they would nominate for the Constituent Assembly.

The FJP will nominate Abdel Rahman al-Barr and Mohamed Ali Bishr, both members of the Brotherhood's Guidance Bureau, and others whom the party says national political forces agree upon.

Mokhtar al-Ashry, head of the FJP's legal committee, said the party would be satisfied if the constitution set Sharia as the main source of legislation.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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