Salafi sheikh to abandon media, return to preaching

Salafi Preacher Abdullah Badr said he will not be making any more media appearances, and will instead focus solely on preaching.

During his show on al-Hafez TV channel on Tuesday, Badr said he believes whoever attacks religion must be stopped and not be treated with respect.

“Some people, including the channel administration, see me as a nervous and bad person; for this I would like to apologize, for not appearing on the screen again," he said, indicating that his last appearance would be on Wednesday at 6 pm on the same channel.

He added that he will disappear until the "falsehoods" go away, after which he will return to the media sphere.

Badr became famous after attacking actress Elham Shaheen on his TV show. She in turn filed a lawsuit accusing him of libel and defamation.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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