Salafis slam Morsy, warn Brotherhood

Salafis stepped up their attackson the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mohamed Morsy’s administration on Thursday, accusing Morsy of trying to sabotage its national reconciliation initiative.

The Nour Party called on the National Salvation Front (NSF) and the Brotherhood to hold a national dialogue session without the president in order to find a solution to the current political impasse.

Yasser Borhamy, vice-president of the Salafi Dawah party, accused Morsy of refusing to listen to the voice of reason. Egypt is not in danger, however, Borhamy asserted, insisting on the importance of keeping the current government in place, despite its failure in areas of security and economy.

The Brotherhood will pay for Morsy’s stubbornness, Borhamy warned.

NSF member Sameh Ashour said the Front is considering the Nour Party’s invitation to dialogue, but said the group hadn’t decided yet on whether it would participate. Basic guarantees must be made first, such as identifying the participating parties, setting the meeting’s agenda and promising to take action on what is agreed on in the meeting, Ashour said.

The Freedom and Justice Party, meanwhile, renewed its commitment to keeping Prime Minister Hesham Qandil in office until the House of Representatives is elected.

FJP leader Saad al-Katatny called for a meeting on Saturday with members of the party’s executive office. He also called for a series of meetings on Sunday with FJP secretaries from across the country and members of the FJP bloc in the Shura Council to discuss the draft parliamentary elections law, as well as campaign strategies for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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