Saleh: Constitution ready by end of Ramadan

A senior Muslim Brotherhood leader in the Constituent Assembly, Sobhi Saleh, has said that the country’s new constitution would be ready by the end of the holy month of Ramadan, which is likely to begin of Friday.

Sub-committees at the Constituent Assembly will begin to draft Articles of the constitution next week, Saleh told the website of the state-run paper Al-Ahram. He predicted the draft would be put to a referendum after the feast.

Saleh said that the assembly approved of a semi-presidential system, similar to the system in France. He added that powers will, consequently, be divided between the president and the government, and that the parliament will monitor the government.

Saleh added that President Mohamed Morsy will select a consensus figure to head the new cabinet and select government ministers.

Saleh stressed that the president will officially be the supreme leader of the armed forces, according to the constitution.

On Tuesday, the Administrative Court postponed its verdict on challenges to the Constituent Assembly’s makeup to Thursday. This is the second formation of the assembly to be legally challenged after the first one, which was announced late March, was annulled by the court due to its imbalanced formation and inclusion of MPs as members.

Constituent Assembly spokesperson Wahid Abdel Meguid predicted on 10 July that the constitution would be drafted within three months.

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