Secretary General of the Arab League to write his memoirs

Secretary General of the Arab League Amr Moussa said on Saturday that he is in the process of writing his memoirs which he said would be a document for future generations.

In a press statement during a symposium held on Saturday, Moussa said, "In Egypt and the Arab world, we need faithful historians to record and document significant historical events in Egypt."

Moussa went on to say that political conflict and political movements began in Egypt during the 1940s and reached maturation during the 1950s. He said this history needs to be recorded and analyzed.

Moussa, who ends his second term as the head of the Arab League in May 2011, has repeatedly declared he would not be running for another term in office. Moussa also recently hinted to the possibility of his running for the presidential post in Egypt.

In a statement to Al-Masry Al-Youm in December 2010 Moussa said that running for "the Egyptian presidency was the right of any competent citizen” and that he would discuss his “candidacy for the position at the right moment”.
However, a number of Egyptian officials, including some ministers, rejected the idea of public figures such as Moussa, or reform campaigner Mohamed ElBaradei, running for the presidency.

Moussa won enormous street popularity in Egypt and the Arab World because of his strong statements against Israel and the US policy in Iraq, and in particular his warning in 2003 that the American action in Iraq would “open the gates of hell.”

Moussa was born in 1936 and elected the Secretary General of the Arab League on May 2001. He graduated from law school and was the Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1991–2001.

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