Seif al-Islam Qadhafi captured

Muammar Qadhafi's son and heir apparent Seif al-Islam has been captured in southern Libya, a Libyan militia commander said Saturday.

Bashir al-Tlayeb of the Zintan brigades told a press conference that Seif al-Islam was captured in Libya's southern desert with two aides trying to smuggle him out to neighboring Niger.

The interim justice minister said Seif al-Islam had been detained along with a number of bodyguards near the town of Obari, according to Reuters news agency.

Qadhafi's son was in good health, the justice minister is reported to have added.

Tlayeb didn't elaborate on how Seif al-Islam was captured, but said that he was brought to the city of Zintan, the home of one of the largest revolutionary brigades in Libya.

Seif, who had vowed to fight on after his father’s brutal murder, is wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against the Libyan people, charges he vehemently denies.

ICC had said that it was in indirect negotiations with Seif about the possibility of surrender.

Tlayeb said that it would be up to the Libya's transitional ruling National Transitional Council to decide on where the former Libyan leader would be tried.

He also said that there was still no information about wanted former intelligence director Abdullah Senoussi or where he is located.

Born in 1972, Seif al-Islam Qadhafi is the oldest of seven children of Muammar and Safiya Qadhafi.

He drew Western favor in previous years by touting himself as a liberalizing reformer, but then staunchly backed his father, Muammar Qadhafi, regarding his brutal crackdown on rebels during the regime's final days.

Seif had gone underground after Tripoli fell to revolutionary forces in recent months.

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