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Simple affordable ways to revive your home

Do you feel the need for some innovative changes to your home decoration, and all within your budget? Here are some inspirations from Nervana Zoghbey, interior decorator, to rejuvenate your decor immediately and with zero effort.

Shift your furniture: You will be amazed how rearranging your furniture transforms your home. Change the angle at which your furniture is arranged. If your couch is set across the corner, set it straight for a change. Or move a piece of your heavy furniture, such as that couch, to a new place entirely. For instance, if your sofa is placed under a window, you can push it against the wall. When rearranging your furniture, bear in mind that one key aim is to maximize room space.

Avoid that cluttered look: Get rid of all the useless items that have been taking up space in your room for ages. If there are any items you think you might need later, put them into piles according to category, then place them in plastic containers or storage boxes. Don’t forget to label the boxes so you can find them easily. Place the boxes under a bed or in the corridor. If they do end up in the corridor, make sure to cover them with a beautiful table cloth.

Comfortable living room: The living room is a place that should be characterized by a cozy atmosphere and a feeling of comfort. In order to achieve this aim, place everything in easy reach. Choose a comfortable coach and cushions, bearing in mind the colour of the walls. If your sofa is plain, scatter patterned cushions around, and vice versa. Also, a La-Z-Boy chair would make the perfect addition, providing an extra touch of comfort. Paint the walls with white or beige colors, which create the illusion of space and give a calm tone. To enhance the look of the room, place an indoor plant in the corner.

Relaxing bedroom: The bedroom is the easiest place to re-decorate. Beautifying the room with fresh flowers is the best way to boost your mood and enhance the room’s scent. Buy different type of flowers every time and put them in a decorative vase beside or in front of the bed, so you can wake up every morning to the lovely view of flowers. Bedding accessories play an important role in giving a different appearance to the room. Change bedspreads and bed sheets every now and then, alternating various fabrics, styles and colors. If you are a book lover, create a corner with a reading chair, table and reading lamp. If you have more space, add some shelves where you can put your favorite books or special collection. New rugs can also alter the look of the bedroom floor.

Practical dining room: Cover your dining table with a tablecloth that matches the texture of the chairs. You don’t have to use expensive tablecloths; simple, cheap ones are more practical if you use your dining room on a regular basis. Hang a new clock and some beautiful fruit paintings on the wall; these can have a really fantastic effect on a dining room. Curtains are another tool to help you add your own touch to the home without exerting much effort. Change the window treatments and you will immediately feel the visual reward. You can also tie back curtains with eye-catching materials including chains, ribbons, etc. Depending on your creativity, there are endless designs to help you get the look you want.

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