Student tells Mubarak Jr: I fear power succession

At a three-hour meeting with 500 university students on Sunday at the Leaders Preparation Institute, Gamal Mubarak, son of President Hosni Mubarak and assistant secretary general and policies secretary for the National Democratic Party (NDP), faced tough questions about power succession, domestic and foreign policy, and the upcoming elections.

Addressing Gamal, a student from Mansoura University said, “I’m scared that power will be inherited.” The student continued, “You are accountable to God.”

“I have been involved in partisan activity for nine years,“ responded Gamal, adding, “And I’m careful not to offend God.”

Asked about the National Democratic Party’s candidate in the upcoming presidential election, Gamal gave a guarded reply, saying, “It’s not yet time to determine who the NDP presidential candidate will be.”

In preparation for Gamal’s meeting with the university students, the institute’s administration had the entire venue cleaned, and distributed new training suits to all the students. The pavilion where the meeting was held was fitted with 12 air conditioning units and a large display screen. Three power generators were also supplied.

Mohamed Kamal, training and culture secretary at the NDP, had earlier met with the students and urged them to speak openly with Gamal but advised them to refrain from making personal requests, such as asking for job opportunities.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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