Suspect accused of involvement in church bombings released

Red Sea security services released Ali Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan on Saturday. His name was included in Interior Ministry’s list of the terrorist cells that were involved in planning the twin church bombings in Alexandria and Tanta on Palm Sunday.

Investigations showed that Hassan, who has heart disease, is permanently based in Ras Ghareb city and has no connections to any political or religious groups.

Hassan had turned himself in to Ras Ghareb prosecution after his name was included in the terrorist cell list.

Several residents in the city denied that the ministry cited by the ministry was in the city, explaining that some people from outside the city change their address to Ras Ghareb as many companies in the area prefer to hire city residents.

Meanwhile, security services in the province are still tightening protocols to secure churches and monasteries in the cities. Security measures were also heightened at pivotal establishments and checkpoints were set up in Hurghada, as well as borders between provinces, including Zaafarana in the north, down to to Egyptian-Sudanese borders.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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