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Talaat al-Sadat, last chairman of disbanded NDP, dies at 64

Talaat al-Sadat died of a heart attack Saturday night at the age of 64. The nephew of former President Anwar Sadat, he was briefly chairman of Egypt's formerly ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) after Hosni Mubarak resigned and before the party was dissolved.

A medical source said the emergency department of Mansheyet al-Bakry Hospital received Sadat on Sunday morning and doctors tried to resuscitate him, but his heart did not respond.
In September, the April 6 Youth Movement included the Egypt National Party — which was founded by Sadat — on a blacklist of parties deriving from the former NDP, following a decision by the Supreme Administrative Court to disband the party for corrupting political life.
Sadat was selected as chairman of the National Democratic Party in April before the Supreme Administrative Court ordered its dissolution. He had repeatedly made controversial statements about the need to elect a president with a military background for the post-transition period.
In 2006, Sadat was brought to military trial for insulting the Egyptian military, after he claimed the armed forces did not do enough to protect former President Anwar Sadat when he was assassinated during a military parade on 6 October 1981.
He spent a year in prison and was released on 5 August 2007.