Thousands of Egyptians gather to show support for President Sisi

Thousands of Egyptians from Cairo and other governorates gathered in front of the Unknown Soldier Memorial podium at al-Nasr Road in Nasr City on Friday to show support towards Egypt’s government and President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

The crowds raised up Egyptian flags and pictures of President Sisi, shouting “We love you, Sisi,” “Long live Egypt,” “The army and the people join hands” and singing national songs.

They also chanted slogans against the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group.

Thousands across the country were also keen to take part in pro-President Sisi demonstrations before heading to Cairo, on board hundreds of private buses and cars.

Greater Cairo and other governorates witnessed intense police deployment in reaction to calls for protests against Sisi supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, especially in Tahrir Square.

Cordons were imposed in the vicinity of churches, after security agencies spotted calls between Muslim Brotherhood leaders fleeing abroad hinting to carry out terrorist attacks targeting churches.

President Sisi returned to Cairo on Friday morning, coming from New York after attending the 74th UN General Assembly.

Upon his arrival, Sisi was welcomed by hundreds of citizens.

Speaking to the Extra News satellite channel, Sisi said that “Egyptians cannot be deceived because they have become more aware. There is no need to worry. Egypt’s sons support it. If it requested a mandate, millions would take to the streets similar to the mandate to confront potential terrorism on July 26, 2013.”

President Sisi added that Egypt’s image in the world remains good, even if some have tried to distort it through lies, slander and disinformation.

“A week ago we spoke about this before I traveled, and I said: Egyptians be wary, they won’t let you succeed. It’s a war between us and them; a small group against the whole people,” Sisi said.

The President’s visit to New York to participate in the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly saw intensive activity including meetings with country leaders as well as international officials, adding up to 25 meetings.

World leaders and international officials were keen to meet with President Sisi, as Egypt is a pillar of stability in the Middle East and a key player in the region.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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