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Traffic accidents claim 23 lives across Egypt on Sunday

At least 23 people were killed on Sunday morning in four separate traffic accidents in three different parts of Egypt. The accidents took place in the Red Sea Governorate, southeast of Cairo, Beni Suef, south of Cairo, and Beheira, north of Cairo.

Security sources told Al-Masry Al-Youm that, in addition to those killed, a further 12 people were injured in the accidents, citing excessive speed and poor roads as the causes.

A security official said the victims were taken to nearby hospitals, and that investigations into the incidents are ongoing.

The first accident occurred in the Red Sea Governorate, along the New Sohag Road, when a minibus crashed into a truck-trailer, killing 15 passengers and injuring two others.

In Beni Suef, six people were killed and eight others injured after a microbus crashed into a pickup truck on the Eastern Desert Road in Beni Suef Governorate. The injured people were rushed to the Beni Suef General Hospital.

In Beheira Governorate, two people were killed and two others injured as a result of two traffic accidents. A bus driver was killed after a truck crashed into a private company bus. The truck driver and a passenger were injured in the accident.

In the second accident, a worker lost his balance and fell off a moving truck while he was in the process of securing its load. The worker died after he fell under the truck and was run over.

Translated from the Arabic Edition