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Tunisia uprising will have repercussions, says Arab League chief

Arab League Secretary Geneal Amr Moussa predicted Saturday that the Tunisian uprising which led to the overthrow of Zine al-Abedine Ben Ali will have an impact on the Arab world.

At a press conference, Moussa said that the attention given by the Arab and international media to the situation in Tunisia demonstrates that "what is happening in Tunisia will affect everyone, to the contrary of what is being said."

The situation in Tunisia has historical dimensions and represents the end of an era and the beginning of another for Tunisia, he added.

Moussa also said that change in Tunisia should conform to constitutional stipulations, adding that he hopes the current situation will not lead to decisions that cause tensions to grow.

He said that the Arab Economic Summit in Sharm al-Sheikh at the end of January will discuss the situation in Tunisia. Moussa said he expects Tunisia to be represented at the summit though he pointed out that the Arab League has not contacted the Prime Minister Mohamed al-Ghannouchi in this regard.

Analysts say the toppling of Ben Ali will send shock waves through the Arab world, where most countries are ruled by monarchs or authoritarian rulers, some having been in power for decades. Protests recently broken out in Algeria, Morocco and Jordan over unemployment and high prices.

On Friday Egyptian activists staged a protest in front of the Tunisian Embassy in Cairo and chanted slogans in support of the uprising there.