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Two persons dead, 5 injured in 2 car accidents in Wadi al-Natroon

Two persons died and another five were injured in two car accidents on al-Alameen-Wadi al-Natroon Desert Road in Beheira governorate on Friday.

Police claimed that in the first accident a private car was overturned on the road due to the breaking of the steering wheel following the separation of the car’s front-left wheel, causing the death of an engineer named Osama, 36, and the injury of the car driver and another passenger, who suffered wounds, bruises and fractures.

In another accident, a lorry collided with two pickup trucks following the break of the steering wheel, causing the death of trader Farid, 55, and the injury of the three car drivers who suffered wounds, bruises and abrasions.

Ambulances transferred the dead bodies and the injured persons to the morgue of One Day Surgery Hospital in Wadi al-Natroon, police added.

The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) previously released a report explaining that car accidents have declined by 24.2 percent last year. The report said that car accidents declined to 4,426 in the period from January to June 2018, compared to 5,836 accidents in the same period for 2017.

The number of deceased persons declined by 19.1 percent to 1,560 in 2018, compared to 1,929 persons in 2017.

The number of injured persons declined by 17.7 percent to 5,936 in 2018, compared to 7,217 persons in 2017.

The human factor has been the main cause of accidents, accounting for 75.7 percent of the total accidents in 2018, followed by the mechanical element of vehicles accounting for 17.1 percent, and the environmental element accounting for 2.9 percent.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm