Two Saints Church files lawsuit against Morsy

The Two Saints Church lawyer in Alexandria and head of the Egyptian Center for Development Studies and Human Rights said the church has filed a lawsuit against President Mohamed Morsy and General Intelligence Services head Mohamed Refaat Shehata, saying investigations into the 2011 bombing have been inadequate.

Joseph Malak said the church filed a lawsuit against different state bodies and officials, which included the prime minister, interior minister and the public prosecutor for “diversion in the use of power” and “failure to complete the investigations into the bombing.”

Malak said that the Interior Ministry declined a request from an administrative court to disclose the fate of investigations on 5 September 2012. He accused the Interior Ministry of abusing its power.

Father Royce Mark, secretary general of the church, is coordinating with Pope Tawadros II to prepare a comprehensive report on the incident to compensate the victims’ families, Malak said.

Another report on the incident was submitted to presidential adviser Samir Morcos upon his request, but the church has not received a response yet on the issue, Malak added.

The church filed a lawsuit on 13 September 2011 against the interior minister, prime minister and public prosecutor alleging that the investigations were being carried out too slowly.

Coptic Church Millet Council secretary Kamil Seddiq said the church seeks a court ruling lifting the publication ban issued by the general prosecutor. 

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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