Update: 1,000 complaints in 4 hours at Abdeen Palace office

On Saturday, its first day of operatiion, Abdeen Palace complaint office recieved about 1000 complaints in four hours, a palace source told Al-Masry Al-Youm.

Citizens' complaints have been grouped according to the relevant authorities, and will be submitted to the president who will send them on to the authorities, the source added.
Last week, new President Mohamed Morsy ordered the establishment of an office to recieve citizen complaints.
The office witnessed two protests on Saturday, in addition to clashes between CBC channel and the protesters.
In one protest, contracted workers of the Military Production Ministry demanded back their jobs at military production factories, after work had stopped there under the former regime.
Meanwhile, day laborers protested demanding health insurance and an unemployment subsidy. They held banners with slogans such as, “take a look, president, at the daily workers,” and “Oh Morsy, aren’t we your workers?”
Clashes erupted between privately owned satellite channel CBC's film crew and the protesters, who accused the crew of being supporters of the former regime trying to show up Morsy as a failure.
Tarek El Shazly, a marble contractor, said, “We want the president to intervene to solve the problem of employment and daily laborers, and to start the [Muslim Brotherhood's] Renaissance Project immediately, so that we can start working again.”
Another protestor, from the governorate of Mansoura, north of Cairo, said he used to work at Petrojet, but after the completion of the project he was working on the company fired the workers. He hopes to go back to working there.
This week, an official website for the president will be launched and citizens can submit their complaints via a form on the site.
Morsy declared in his 19 June speech in Tahrir Square, “My door is open to all citizens, and I am in constant contact with you.”
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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